Wednesday, May 19, 2010


1 year ago today... we arrived in Houston, Texas for Bentley's open heart surgery. I said I would be posting a few post I did during that time and I am... this is a very special week to us and brings back many emotions and memories. The day before Bentley's surgery was mostly spent at the hospital running test making sure everything was good to go and being admitted. I wrote the below after we arrived in Houston once we arrived at the hotel early morning of 5-19.

Here is our new home for the next two to three weeks. We made it tonight around midnight.. Bentley was happy as always! She did amazing in the car.. she slept most of the time. When we got here she wanted to play.. so it took a little longer than normal, but she finally went back to sleep.

And here is Miss Bentley in the car on the way here. Ignore the blur, even with a little blur.. she is still just too beautiful!!!

So what's going on with us.. Well Daddy and Bentley are sound asleep.. me, ummm wide awake! Yes, it is 3:00am and I am still awake. Sad, I know. But I can't sleep.. she and this surgery is all I can think about..

We will go to the hospital first thing in the morning.. they will run test all day long, she will then be admitted.. and surgery will be Wednesday morning. I will let you know the time when I find it out tomorrow.

Sorry my post have been short lately, I really do have a lot to say.. I am just not able to put my feelings into words right now. I will continue to keep you all updated here so keep checking back. Also, keep your eye out on twitter I will post updates tomorrow there as well.

*** I need to ask you all for another prayer request. First quick update on Ryan's grandfather... his health has continued to decline. My in-laws went to visit him last week and he's just not doing so well... it could be any day. We continue to pray for him to be pain free.

Bryson participated in a baseball tournament benefit last summer for a local mom that has breast cancer... Christie is married with 3 children and she is only 31. It started as breast cancer but has spread through out her body over the past year. I do not know her well, but the few times I have seen her you can see she has an amazing personality and just full of life. One of my best friends is actually her cousin by marriage and she called me yesterday and ask that I pray for her. She is not doing well. Things have taken a turn for the worse and she has been transported to a larger hospital almost 2 hours from here. She is not eatting and continues to decline... she is swelling and turning yellow from liver failure at this point. The last update I received was that her family is trying to get her back home and hospice will be coming in. They are saying she may have less than 3 weeks. It just breaks my heart. She is ONLY 31!!! With 3 young children and a husband who loves her dearly. Please pray for a miracle for Christie... her children are involved in sports just as mine and I often see them walking around... we do not know each other personally but often cross paths because of our children. I am use to seeing her smiling face at baseball tournaments at a distance as she is there with her beautiful family, I can't even imagine what her family is going through. Just please take a minute to say a prayer for Christie and her family.

We know the power of prayer... it's amazing to say the least. Thanks friends- I can always count on y'all!!!

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