Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ryan and I are huge fans of "The Biggest Loser"... new season started last night and I have to admit the people behind the show really hit a nerve... I had to turn it off.

Last season there was the contestant that previously lost her family in a car accident and I remember everyone (we know anyway) just sort of clung to her and always wanted to watch in hopes she did great. Me included. She was awesome. Loved her and still do. With that said... did anyone count how many potential contesstants they were taking that had all lost someone in their life? I really bothered me... sickens me actually that the producer would do that. It was obvious people were attached to the person in last season... but are they really using death in families to gain more views?!! It think so... sick. Just sick!!! This is not directed to the contestants in any way, just the brains behind the show... doing what they do to gain more views. UGHH!!! I understand death is apart of life... but at the same time... it looks like those were the only contestants they were taking... hoping viewers (more viewers) would get attached to even more contestants to keep viewing in. All about the ratings. blah!!

On top of that issue I had with last nights show... another thing that had me wondering... why would they take 3 people and have them do a challenge and the top 2 move on? It's clear the are leaving the ones that need to be there the MOST out without even a chance. I mean, the largest most unhealthy is not going to be able to win that race....

I was so bothered by last nights show.. can you tell?! ha!! I normally don't post things like this... but I just think "The Biggest Loser" made many wrong moves to start the new season and it irritated me. I have no idea what happened after I quit watching last night, so if any of the above is incorrect... I probably already turned it off. ;)

I really do love the show... I hope next show is better...

What were your thoughts?
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