Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Ok, so I have had several friends comment and email about the teacher situation... things are better. Thankfully. We have not switched, and I can't say I'm completely thrilled with his teacher but things do seem to be better. After talking with her, she informed me they are super tough in the beginning so the kids pretty much learn what not to do and know they are serious. Again... I can't say I agree with this, because I don't. I actually disagree with it %100. With that being said... Bryson never had an issue directly and she has finally seemed to lighten up. I'm not saying the teacher has favorites (really I'm not) but she really does seem to be impressed with Bryson himself, listening skills, grades, just overall. She loves Bryson. The fact that a "super tough" teacher thinks so highly of him makes me happy. And that is where we are at right now. I'm watching closely and probably will all year. But things are good right now and I think Bryson is happy knowing that she thinks so highly of him. He is such a good kid. He is currently playing baseball (lots of) and football and school. He is loaded with homework on a daily basis and he continues to pull it off on top. He came home with his 3 week progress report last week and I am happy to say that Bryson had a 103 average in math. Seriously... 103 average. That's just unheard of, especially with this teacher and as much homework that he has had. All other grades were A's as well... I was just shocked with the math average. He definetly did not get that from me!! ha!! I just wanted to give an update on the school situation... things are good right now and I hope it continues.

Brenna couldn't be any better herself. She is absolutely LOVING her class. She has a crush. And she has had her first 2 spelling test ever... 100 on the first and a 90 on the second. It's a little more difficult to study with her than it was Bryson but we're making it. =)

Other things going on... sports, sports, and more sports- as always!!! I feel like I'm the only blogger that talks about sports. ha!! Bryson has had 2 baseball tournaments this Fall... in the first his team took home a trophy for 2nd place and the second tournament his team took home 1st place trophy out of 12 teams. I'm not sure how "big" baseball is where you live... but it's huge here (in Texas!). Bryson is also playing football and doing super in it. The kid loves his sports. We are going out of town this weekend for another baseball tournament. Exhausting but fun.

Ryan was on vacation last week... that was so nice. Amazing how much you can "escape" without even leaving town. Bryson and Brenna were both in school so it was just Ryan, Bentley and I at home hanging out. Or being lazy. We planned on tons of yard work to get done but we did not even touch it. Ha!! It was nice to be lazy with Ryan for a week, he's such a hard worker, he defintely deserved a break.

Does anyone watch the TV show House? New season started last night... I love love love that show.

How many of you have kids that are in sports? Just curious. I feel like the only blogger that talks about sports... ha!! I have some exciting news to share about sports gear... or parent gear. ;) I'll save it for next post.

Have a great day friends!!!
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